Deco De Trend is well Equipped with
  1. In-house dying unit with 100% water purification and recycling plant.
  2. Proper planning and treatment for waste.
  3. Factory is well equipped with fire detection and fighting equipments.
  4. Adequate nos. of tools, machines and other equipments are provided for the easy movements of products.
  5. Proper marking of the passage and emergency exits provided.
  6. Proper lighting and ventilation at factory premises.
  7. Proper and safe storage of raw material.
Working Conditions
  1. No Child labor.
  2. Clean and hygienic working conditions.
  3. Factory premises is non smoking zone.
  4. Clean and RO treated drinking water provided to workers.
  5. First aid kits, eyewash and personal protective equipments are provided at every workroom.
  6. All workers are covered under medical insurance.
Training Program
  1. First aid training.
  2. Fire fighting training.
  3. Training to handle new tools and machines.